Mind blowing type cover by Agustina Gastaldi for ‘Smoke’ by Darcy Woods. Painstakingly created by Agustina at the start of lockdown, we’re (s)toked to be finally able to share it!

“Darcy’s forthcoming YA contemporary story titled SMOKE, is about a sixteen year-old Honor Augustine never set out to become a felon. After all, she’s the embodiment of her name as an academic all-star, avid recycler, and dedicated daughter to her PTSD-afflicted father. Coloring inside the lines is what keeps Honor’s chaotic existence orderly. But for the sake of family, some lines must be crossed.

When she discovers her father’s VA benefits drying up, coupled with a terrifying bank letter threatening the family’s greenhouse business–Honor vows to find a solution. She just doesn’t expect to find it on the dry erase board of English lit–“Nature’s first green is gold.”

The quote by Frost should’ve been as innocuous as the beige walls of the classroom. Instead, it becomes the seed of an idea. An idea that–with patience and care–could germinate into a means of survival. Maybe marijuana could be more than the medicinal plant that helps quiet her father’s demons. Maybe, it could save them all. What lengths will we go to for the people we love?”

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