Carioca creates stunning marble-esque relief

September 16, 2019

Award winning CGI and Photographers Carioca Studio created a meticulously 'carved' relief  for Viastein, Hungary,  a building trade company that manufactures high-quality pavements and stones for multiple purposes: for family homes, offices, gardens, communal places, for outdoor use. It shows how integral Viastein's stones and pavements are in daily lives, it shows a huge family gathering, – frozen into the dimension of a stone, but still looking vibrant, energetic and lively.

The pre-production was the most important phase of this complex and sophisticated project: setting the theme, the composition, the style. Modelling the look of the characters, fine-tuning the details, making revisions, and rendering also took up lots of time. In the post-production phase all the polishing was done in Photoshop, giving the final look and feel of the sculpture.

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Carioca creates stunning marble-esque relief...