Cobra 'Made of Science' by Andy Rudak

July 1, 2016

Still life photographer Andy Rudak shot the print and OOH campaign for Cobra. The popular beer brand has launched a new glass design which has been described as a huge innovation in the industry. The new design boasts a seductive curve that allows the drink to flow around the glass. Adweek have featured the campaign...

Karmarama claims to have teamed up with professors at England’s Birmingham University and Imperial College, as well as other hydrodynamics and fluid mechanics specialists, to create the purportedly ground-breaking glass. The glass contains “a unique channel in the interior facia” allowing beer to flow smoothly around the body to the base, in turn creating a whirlpool effect which releases aroma and flavor and allows for the formation of the perfect head. With prototypes already out, the glass is currently in production for release this summer.

Andy is a natural storyteller. Look closely and you'll find narrative, wit and humour in every shot. Renowned for his award winning series of city streets made entirely of cardboard Andy loves to capture everything in-camera. A lighting perfectionist but no stranger to production and digital technologies.  

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Cobra 'Made of Science' by Andy Rudak... Cobra 'Made of Science' by Andy Rudak...