CreativePool Connect London and JSR Content

October 22, 2018

JSR Content Creative Partner Simon Amster will be hosting a panel discussion at the CreativePool Connect London 18 on the 22nd November at 12.10.  The panel will be discussing 'What the f**k is Content' Simon writes: 

Every brand, media owner, agency, consumer will give you a different definition. This debate explores this modern behemoth of the comms world and asks  if we need to define it or if this very diversity is what makes it an essential marketing tool. From feature length films with movie stars and big bucks directors to 3 second instagram gifs, has any creative tool encompassed as broad an approach as content? And to be frank, if we don't know what it is now, how the hell are we going to know what it could be in the future?

Simon will be hosting panellist from The Economist, Joe Media, Facebook, BBC and Ogilvy

See Simon's blog piece on JSR CONTENT 

To get tickets for the event click here 

CreativePool Connect London and JSR Content... CreativePool Connect London and JSR Content...