Digital Arts Online announce up and coming illustrators to watch in 2019

January 16, 2019

Digital Arts Online announced their 2019 up and coming illustrators to watch including our latest signing Aart-Jan Venema and Luke Waller! The editorial team asked the world's top illustration agencies - starting with JSR Agency! 

Some of the world's top agencies pick the ones to watch for the year ahead - acquaint yourself now with the artists whose work will define 2019.

2019 has started, everyone's officially back at work - including artists - and the time is here to start looking at trends for the year ahead. While we always cover new releases of tools to make creative life easier, we're also just as keen to find the future talents of tomorrow, those as of now little known names who are making great use of said tools.

Like every year we've reached out to agencies both boutique and established to shed a light on up and coming illustrations working in a variety of fields, ranging from painterly works to vectors to paper craft. Helping us with our list this year we have JSR - who exclusively announce a brand new signing below for Digital Arts - along with HeartColageneGrand MatterFolio ArtJelly, and Agent Pekka. A lot of big names then, giving us a lot of future big names for this last year of the 2010s - find out more about each artist and see some of their best works below.

Read the Digital Arts article here 

See Aart-Jan Venema's work here 

See Luke Waller's work here