Digital Arts Online interviews Robert G. Fresson

March 5, 2017

New signing Illustrator Robert G. Fresson has been interviewed by Digital Arts Online. Writer Miriam Harris describes his work: 

Robert loves American comics from the 20th century and Ukiyo-e prints from Edo Japan, and we love his colourful and expressive combination of both.

In answer to the question 'Almost all of your illustrations are based on real-life. Is this a conscious decision?" 

"I think it is to do with telling a story - I feel much more comfortable with the narrative possibilities of recognisable elements: figures, landscape and objects. I'm sure a better storyteller could use abstract forms and still guide us through a story arc...not me. I sometimes play with the abstract when I doodle absent-mindedly, but as Robert G. Fresson the work stays consciously figurative."

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Digital Arts Online interviews Robert G. Fresson...