Ferrari F12 shot by Lee Brimble

November 16, 2016

Car photographer Lee Brimble shot the Ferrari F12 TDF 770 BHP 'hypercar' on location in Wales for the November issue of Topgear Magazine. The images were all captured in camera with no CGI additions last month amid notorious Welsh weather and 'interesting driving conditions".  The reviewer, Ollie Marriage, commented: 

It’s a spiky, spiteful car to drive. Chris said it was “not so much a car as a Class A substance”. And he was on a racetrack with it, where he had run-off and nothing coming the other way.

Me? I’m in Wales. It’s late October. It’s raining. Windy. There are leaves. Sheep. Potholes. Before I drove it I was borderline astonished that Ferrari agreed to let it out at this time of year. Even more troubled when they informed us it couldn’t be taken to a track. This was looking like a good opportunity for me to test my own mortality.

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Ferrari F12 shot by Lee Brimble... Ferrari F12 shot by Lee Brimble...