Finding Dory poster by Raid71

July 29, 2016

Illustrator Raid71 (aka Chris Thornley) was commissioned by Vice and Disney to create this stunning Finding Dory movie poster. The piece features the grumpy Octopus, Hank, who Dory meets at the Marine Life Rehabilitation centre in the film. Raid's artwork captured the exciting, yet dangerous adventure the characters endure. In an interview with The Creators Project, Raid explains his own personal adventure to find home. 

"I was a child of the city. The diesel air filled my lungs throughout my teenage years into adulthood, but my heart always belonged to the countryside. This wasn’t a soap box tirade, I never told anyone until years later when I met the woman I love. We joked of escaping to the country, running away together. That joke soon became our dream. But, as they do in life, even the simple things became complicated. I started my own design company and we were joined by our two beautiful children."

Read the whole interview here. Take a look at more of Raid71's graphic illustration here. 

Finding Dory poster by Raid71...