Raid 71 Lights up Brooklyn.

March 18, 2014

Raid 71 is set to wow fans at New York show 'When The Lights Go Out' with his latest glow in the dark screen-print entitled 'Akira'. 

This is not the first time our talented illustrator has exhibited at cutting edge Brooklyn based Gallery ' Bottleneck', and any lucky purchasers of limited edition 'Akira' will get a 'two for one' simply at the flick of a switch. 

Made with metallic inks and a glow in the dark layer Raid's screen-print shows two main characters from the cult Japanese book and action film by Katsuhiro Otom. You can experience this spooky show for yourself from 22nd March at  Bottleneck Gallery 60 Broadway, Box 8 Brooklyn, NY 11249 , enjoy!

Raid 71 Lights up Brooklyn.... Raid 71 Lights up Brooklyn....