Google Allo app stickers by Justin Poulter

September 28, 2016

Illustrator Justin Poulter was commissioned to create 'Talking Game' stickers for Google's Allo App launch art directed by INT Works.  The app launched on Thursday 22nd September in the UK. 

See more of Justin's work here 

Below is a part of the article from It's Nice That: 


Words by Owen Pritchard 

An international roster of illustrators has been commissioned to create unique stickers to be used on Google’s Allo messaging app that launched in the US yesterday and in the UK today. Illustrators and designers from across the world including Jean-Michel Tixier, Rob Flowers, Marylou Faure, Ding Ding and Jean Jullien have created concise and vibrant works that can be used to quickly convey sentiment in a succinct, and often humorous way. Developed in sets of 24 the images, three of which are animated, relate to topics such as travel, nights out, relationships and dating, and much more.

The project, art directed by INT Works (the creative agency that is part of the HudsonBec Group with It’s Nice That), has seen over 500 individual artworks designed to express emotions, actions and state of mind. “ 

Google Allo app stickers by Justin Poulter... Google Allo app stickers by Justin Poulter...