Honda Acura NSX stop motion film by Lee Brimble

February 10, 2016

This moving image piece is shot by Lee Brimble from 1000 images. Following on from the NSX campaign Lee shot, he created this great stop motion piece in association with the Sundance Film Festival. 

The shoot took place in sunny San Francisco and Las Vegas. Lee had to work with the elements - including scorching temperatures nearing 50 degrees. Despite the difficult conditions Lee managed to achieve breathtaking images, capturing the beauty of the NSX Super car perfectly.

Honda wanted to keep the work as real and natural as possible meaning Lee worked without the use of RIG's so there was no damage the paint work on the amazing NSX cars. No CGI or Virtual RIG software was used, again to keep the raw beauty of the car. Lee used his years of experience to capture the cars in camera at high speeds from one moving vehicle to another.

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