Re-writing the Rules of Money

March 13, 2015

Transferwise, a company offering a smart new way to transfer money, has shaken up the whole financial system since their launch in 2011.

Working with their creative partners, venturethree, they are now spreading their message to the United States and beyond. Utilising the incredible illustrative skills of Greg Coulton, they have flipped the old world of money on its head, redesigning a hundred (and one) dollar bill note and branding it with their message.

The global campaign has launched in New York City and is being rolled out across the world, stamping the TransferWise movement on Euros, Yuan, Rubles and more - empowering people to use a smarter, fairer service next time they send money abroad. 

Part of the creative process was captured on film to offer an insight into Greg's handiwork. Click here to watch the amazing Greg Coulton at work! 

Re-writing the Rules of Money... Re-writing the Rules of Money...