Welcome series by Luke Waller

June 2, 2016

Illustrator Luke Waller has been working on this beautiful project - Welcome Series. Read on as Luke tells us his work process and thoughts behind the project.

This is my first large scale series I have completed for some time, the last one was way back in the opening days of my full time career. Artistically my aim for this series was to work in to the images as many of my favourite areas of illustration as possible without it feeling too crowded. These different areas being my Low-fi, Mono-print technique. Followed by the high detail of the pencil drawn faces. They are connected together using colour in a mock screen-printed style. It is then all completed with my newest edition - the hand lettering. The idea of the series is to show just how similar we actually all are. We might speak different languages and dress slightly differently, but ultimately we like doing a lot of the same things in similar ways. So in a world where we are constantly questioning our unity and looking to go our own ways, this is my attempt at showing how alike to one another we are. I have always had a deep interest in far off cultures and people, and have found that once you get past the language barrier, we are all the same.

 To see more of Luke's illustration click here.

Welcome series by Luke Waller... Welcome series by Luke Waller... Welcome series by Luke Waller... Welcome series by Luke Waller...