JSR are thrilled to have signed Drinks photographer and director Martin Wonnacott to the JSR roster.  Martin was selected by Lürzers Archive as one of the 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide in 2020.  He explained in an interview how he started:

“Fascinated by the technical aspects when I first started photography in my early teens. At 17 I assisted at a studio that shot drink ads for a couple of years. As my career developed I chose to specialize early on. What I love most is that everyone drinks something, alcoholic or not. I like to think my work engages and inspires people to appreciate what’s in front of their eyes every day.”

When asked if he preferred photography or motion he explained: “I love photography but have always thought in terms of motion as I shoot. To be able to direct and shoot stills on the same campaign is now a blessing for me.”

See more of Martin’s work here