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Agustina Gastaldi


Agustina Gastaldi is a Spanish artist whose skills across lettering, paper craft and illustration know no bounds. 

Originally an Industrial Product Design student, Agustina made the switch to Graphic Design and hasn't looked back since. After graduating from university, Agustina worked at the renowned Barcelona-based studio Vasava for clients such as Nike, PUIG, Uniqlo, Hotel Ritz, Atlético de Madrid, EMI Music, Moët Chandon, Mango, EasyJet, Estrella Damm among others.

Inspired by the passion to create without limitation, and not wanting to do things by halves, Agustina recently went freelance and moved to Mexico! Since then her creative goal has been to create graphic images with analog and digital elements using a myriad of techniques including stop motion, 3D, papercraft and photography. 

Agustina has most recently worked with Women's Health, America Music, The Washington Post, ULO, HotpointApp, Macmillan and the Golden Globe Awards.

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