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Omer Knaz : Moving Image

Moving Image

Omer Knaz is best known for his luxury goods still life photography for jewellery, watches and fragrances.

With over ten years photography experience, he brings enthusiasm and commitment to every brief and creates dynamic photographs for advertising editorial and commercial clients such as Tatler, De Beers, McDonald's, Jo Malone, Aesop, Harrods and How to Spend It Magazine.

Omer mostly shoots at his Shoreditch studio, whilst using the most up-to-date digital camera and lighting equipment, he retains a firm belief in applying this technology only to enhance the image, leaving as much as possible to be created ‘in camera’. 

His strong lighting skills, drawn from the discipline of film photography, gives his images a sense of reality that is so often compromised these days and is perfect for luxury products.

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