About Us

Over eleven fast-paced, exciting years of hard won improvement and innovation, JSR Agency has grown into a creative management agency that represents some of the finest artists in the industry.

We can count Cannes Lions winners, Lürzers Archive 200 Best Photographers, Digital Artists and Illustrators and the likes of D&AD, Clio's, CommArts Typography and many more major players among the artists we've worked alongside over the past decade. Brands who have put their faith in us include global corporate giants, with Sony, Nike and Coca-Cola all in our address book.

We have achieved all this through the late nights, early mornings and hard graft of our dedicated team, as well as the desire we all have to bring creative visions to life as effective, gripping campaigns. We've reached the top of our game today - and we've had to climb every step of the way here. This is our story.

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Jamie Stephen - Founder & Director

Jamie Stephen - Founder & Director

Likes: Pickled Onion Monster Munch, Double Espresso and Steak

Dislikes:  Period Drama and Musicals

Favourite Lunch: Foxlow

Favourite Drink: Espresso Martini

Ryan Claydon - Illustration Agent

Ryan Claydon - Illustration Agent

Likes: Pizza, Home Alone 2, Crimewatch

Dislikes: Slow cyclists, cotton wool, pineapple

Favourite Lunch: A proper Sunday lunch, preferrably near a fire

Favourite Drink: An old fashioned

Lucrecia Taormina - Photography Agent

Lucrecia Taormina - Photography Agent

Likes: Old Kanye and genre movies

Dislikes:  Contemporary choreography in music videos (long!)  

Favourite Lunch:  Yum bowl

Favourite Drink:  Caipirinha


Diane Vincent - Producer

Diane Vincent - Producer

Likes: Sunny mornings, plants, going to the movies, French bakeries and French pharmacy

Dislikes: Busy trains, stained clothes, thieves

Favourite Lunch: Asian fusion or seafood "a la plancha" (calamaris, razor clams etc)

Favourite Drink: GT & wine spritzer



Evelyn Tsekoura - Producer

Evelyn Tsekoura - Producer

Likes: Good music, people, food and sunshine

Dislikes: busy shopping streets & packed trains

Favourite Lunch:  Vegetarian Ramen & Mousaka

Favourite Drink: Zombie Cocktail & a glass of Mavrodafni wine

Brittany Freeman - Junior Illustration Agent

Brittany Freeman - Junior Illustration Agent

Likes: France, the sea, cats, 90s hip hop 

Dislikes: Birds

Fave food: Cheese and chocolate

Fave drink: Espresso martini

Filipa Melo - Photography Agent

Filipa Melo - Photography Agent

Likes: Mornings, Spain and coffee

Dislikes: Insomnia 

Favourite Lunch: Paella

Favourite Drink: scotch whisky 

Dave Hatch - Financial Controller

Dave Hatch - Financial Controller

Likes: Medicine and music 

Dislikes: Coriander 

Favourite Lunch: Digestive Biscuits 

Favourite Drink: Black coffee and beers 

Muhammad Shahbaz - Finance

Muhammad Shahbaz - Finance

Likes: Cricket, loud pop music, countryside walks

Dislikes: Shopping for someone

Favourite Lunch: Grill chicken and a chicken sandwich

Favourite Drink: Orange juice and green tea

Dayanara Piedra - Marketing

Dayanara Piedra - Marketing

Likes: Korean Music & Korean Dramas

Dislikes: Brussels sprouts and the colour purple

Favourite Lunch: Bulgogi bibimbap

Favourite Drink: Mojito

Our journey

JSR Agency founder and owner Jamie Stephen first plied his trade at ad agencies, as well as production and photographic studios, before launching the company in 2005 at the age of 29.

Named 'Jamie Stephen Represents', his photography agency was set up in a Marylebone flat which, by good fortune, was just around the corner from Publicis and AMV. Making contacts and doing business with these companies' staff and holding meetings in the pub around the corner, Jamie began to carve out a reputation among advertising, publishing and retail clients.  

The recession may have hit hard in 2009, but Jamie was able to ride the storm and come out stronger on the other side. Realising the need to diversify in order to harden the company against future economic turbulence, he moved to an office in Battersea that year and started making preparations to launch a new illustration arm the following year. The small group of illustrators he put his faith in made the venture a success, and soon a new raft of moving image directors and CGI artists came on board to join the team.

The future

With his staff numbers growing in tandem with his business portfolio, Jamie changed the company's name to JSR Agency in 2012. This new era was also marked in 2013 by the launch of a production arm, offering clients a full service from start to finish, as well as a second move to Lever Street in East London.

Now equipped with a team capable of managing any project, of any size, anywhere in the world, JSR Agency began working on major advertising contracts with the likes of Adidas, Panasonic, Honda, McDonalds and Investec to name but a few. It has grown to represent over 40 artists, including award winning individuals, and - at the beginning of its second decade - is looking forward to even brighter and more challenging years ahead.