JSR Content.

Creating world-class content with excellence, effortlessness and efficiency.

The artists and creatives at JSR have been hired by the world’s leading ad agencies to work on campaigns for over 15 years. And now we're bringing that experience and skill-set directly to clients.

Our DNA.

Originally an industry-leading artist management agency.

We have a unique portfolio of artists: the talent that actually creates the executions that the consumer sees.

A talent pool of world-class directors, photographers, illustrators, designers and composers. With world-class production and post-production capabilities.

All on our team.

This now puts us in a unique and compelling position to help brands with the challenge they face today.

The current dilemma for brands

Execution needs to be outstanding AND brands need to be ever more agile and efficient.

YET, the established processes to ensure executional excellence are cumbersome.

A huge amount of time and resource is spent on things the consumer never sees: the strategy, the brief, the idea, the storyboard, the pre-production process, the production process, the post-production process.

Time and resource poorly spent on a series of hand-offs, re-loops, re-works and friction.

The JSR smart route to execution

We start from the premise that EXECUTION IS EVERYTHING.

To get to outstanding, winning execution, we BYPASS the tyranny of outdated, cumbersome, inflated process.

We assemble every single resource from our unique talent pool around the execution itself.

Everyone and everything is within our own talent and capabilities pool: everyone, from end to end, has “skin in the game”.

No hand-offs. No re-loops. No friction.

The JSR Execution is Everything Model

Our model is built around our unique Talent Pool.

And powered by our Capabilities Pool.

To deliver strategy to execution in one seamless move.

How this helps brands win: the Three E’s





  • ■ By focusing on ends, not means.
  • ■ By direct access to and control of top talent in every stage of the process.
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  • ■ By bypassing the handoffs and opportunities for discord, conflict and confusion.
  • ■ By a smarter, faster, leaner process.
  • ■ By direct access to talent.
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  • ■ By creating every project from “execution back”; making it right first time.
  • ■ By eliminating a significant part of the cost structure; replacing external costs with simple, agile, executional optimization.
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  • Campaign Development
  • Content Development
  • Content Strategy
  • Creative Ideation
  • Storytelling

Creation & production

  • Animation
  • Audio Production
  • Digital Analytics
  • Illustration
  • Mix Media/CGI
  • Music Composition
  • New Media (AR/VR)
  • Photography
  • Social Content
  • Video and Motion Graphics


  • Asset Creation Management
  • Automotion
  • Post Production
  • Shoot Production