JSR Agency are proud to be part of the Agents for Change agenda. Here’s the press release from Agents for Change when it launched on the 30th March 2020:

“Illustration-based artist representation agencies across the UK have come together to pledge change, and commit to a mission to increase diversity in illustration and hold each other accountable. It is widely recognised that there is a problem around representation in the creative fields, which given the reach and consumption of it’s outputs has harmful effects on society, as well as missed opportunities for individual people and businesses. Agents for Change are taking action to address that, looking at their own rosters of artists but also using their position to demystify the industry and improve pathways into it. Spear-headed by Grand Matter, Agents for Change currently has 18 UK-based agencies on board, each committed to increasing diversity and making the industry more accessible and comprehensible through a range of actions.

JSR Illustration Agents will be giving Portfolio Reviews Thursday 29th April, 6pm – 7:30pm Free Sign up for a free 15 minute one-to-one session with one of our experienced and friendly illustration agents. You will be able to share your work and ask any questions you might have, and receive honest, constructive feedback. The sessions are available by application, and specifically open to those who belong to typically under-represented groups of people. Find out more here.   or email hello@diversifyingillustration.com