We are proud to announce that the Leica Gallery London will present the inaugural solo exhibition of Emerging Ambassador, and JSR artist, Amy Currell’s series ‘Aurora’ . 

“Currell weaves together the timeless beauty of flowers with the celestial colours of the aurora borealis. These large format photographs, created in Amy’s signature blend of mesmerising hues, pull you into a contemporary world of colour and singular detail. The show draws inspiration from classical floral subjects of the 17th century Dutch masters bringing a gentle sense of romanticism and softness. The work immediately invites the viewer to immerse themselves within the vibrancy of the image and offers a fleeting chance to retreat from the outside world.” 

Alongside ‘Aurora’, the gallery will show a satellite documentary project ‘pieces in my pocket’, intimate photographs recording personal trinkets and collectibles given to the artist by her children for safe keeping. Each collection is a window into their worlds, a visual reflection of their unique personalities and interests. The images are individually titled with name and age, providing a recorded time stamp and testament to the innocence of childhood.

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