Alice Moitié

Alice Moitié is a young dynamic force in photography and directing and is renowned for her vibrant and spontaneous aesthetic.

Infused with casualness, grace, and a touch of eccentricity, Alice’s work embodies a formidable freshness and vibrancy. Trained originally as an illustrator, her lens captures moments with a playful finesse, akin to the strokes of a skilled cartoonist. With humour and grace, she celebrates the nuances of human experience, embracing the awkward and the accidental with charm.

Influenced by the digital landscape, Alice swiftly emerged as a prominent voice of her generation. Her unique perspective resonates deeply in social media, captivating audiences worldwide. Collaborating with esteemed brands including Nike, Converse, and Givenchy, Alice’s portfolio boasts a diverse array of projects. From fashion editorials gracing the pages of Vogue and I-D to capturing iconic figures of the music industry such as ASAP Rocky, Justice, and Miley Cyrus, Alice Moitié’s work is marked by her distinctive signature and unwavering creativity.