Carioca Studio

Currently ranked #2 in the world for photography by Lürzer’s Archive, the award-winning Carioca Studio is a well-known image concept house highly acclaimed for their work, specialising in advertising imagery.

Carioca was founded in 2005 by three artists (Dragos Coman, Andrei Stoleru and Dragos Traistaru), all photographers with fine art and advertising backgrounds, along with production expertise. They always have a strong vision about each new project they are involved in, Carioca starts with a big idea: and bring their complete vision and perfect execution from production and shooting to post-production.

Carioca offers integrated visual services, from Production (locations, casting, hair & makeup artists, set construction, mockups) to Photography, Illustration, CGI and Production. The company now has twenty-three people working in three different departments – Production, 3D and Post-Production. Clients include Dalwhinnie, McDonald’s, Pepsi, Europcar, Mercedes-Benz, Sony Ericsson, VW and WWF. Carioca Studio won 5 Cannes Lions 2016. Carioca has just been awarded 200 Best Digital Artists 2017/18 by Lürzers Archive.