Over lockdown we asked our Instagram followers what they would ‘ask an Illustration agent’, the questions were collated and given to our Senior Illustration Agent Ryan Claydon to answer.  Here’s what was asked and his replies:

@katydwelsh – How do you know when it’s the right time to start approaching agents?

If you have a number of commercial clients under your belt already and feel much of your time is being taken up with the general day to day admin of being a professional illustrator, then it’s usually the right time to start approaching agents. They can look after everything from contracts to invoicing, leaving you the time to focus on the creative work!

@bevlak – are you currently looking for any illustrator / animators? 

We are always keeping an eye out for new artists! Send over a sample of your work, a bit of background info and a short client list to our submissions email – submissions@jsragency.com.

@ar_rosar – do I have a chance to be represented?

We consider all submissions, but take some time to think about the other artists on our roster and the type of work we do to make sure we are the right agency for you too, before getting in touch!

@garethbrownillustration – what’s your top tips for starting to get editorial clients? 

Be proactive! Look for editorial publications that regularly commission, find the right contact (usually an Art Director) and get in touch with relevant work examples. Create speculative work with these publications in mind. Keep an active social media, where you can share this new work and follow the people you want to work with.

@mattjoyce_illustrator – how has the pandemic impacted upon you and your illustrators / your clients?

Illustration and animation offers a safe, versatile and impactful option during these difficult times. The pandemic has put some things on pause, but illustration remains a viable option for clients who are continuing to commission as well as a good alternative for those who haven’t previously considered illustration – we are here to help for anyone new to commissioning!

@mattjoyce – what do you look for in an illustration portfolio?

There’s definitely a few things that we look for in new artists – a consistent and recognisable style, evidence of commissioned work and someone who fits well within our current artist roster and the type of clients we work with. It’s good to see a portfolio which is original but with commercial appeal.