JSR Agency are thrilled to announce that illustrator Beya Rebaï has joined the JSR roster.  It’s Nice That described her work as:

“This process of turning ideas into colours is the pinnacle of Beya’s process. Her signature choice of colour appears to be pink and the resulting limited palette makes her work so recognisable. “I always start a drawing by choosing the colour range that I will use,” she tells It’s Nice That, “I pick four or five colours maximum per drawing. Then I make a sketch of what I have in mind and I apply the coloured forms in flat. Finally, I draw the details.”

As a result, Beya’s works retain a representational quality as she draws details out of blocks of colour using bold mark making. What appears as a figure walking beneath the trees from far away, blurs into abstraction as you look closer. “Usually I draw in situ,” she adds, “I choose a colour palette and I start representing what’s in front of me. It’s a good exercise, it’s like training so I try to do it every day.”

Welcome Beya!

See more of Beya’s work here