It wouldn’t be 2020 without something Covid-related, and illustrator Cathal Duane was asked by The new York Time’s custom content arm – T Brand Studio  – to illustrate how 3 theatre companies have had to pivot this year, and move into AR, VR and other means to give their loyal followers their fix of live theatre. The article states:

“Not only do these avenues allow creators to connect with homebound audiences and find an outlet during a stressful time, but they also empower artists to learn technical skills that will be relevant to a digitally enabled world long after the pandemic ends. There’s appetite for virtual performances, too; one show that was live streamed by National Threate at Home back in April racked up 2.6millions views in just one week. “People are really blown away by the agility of the storytelling, the interactivity, and their own sense of being part of a community,” says Joanna Popper, HP’s global head of virtual reality for location-based entertainment. “Virtual shows are something hopeful and groundbreaking that people can participate in.” In our new world, directors, producers, writers, and performers are using technology to prove that all the internet’s a stage. Read the  full article here 

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