PEROU was asked by Mark Hannaford – an enterprising explorer who set up the first professional company doing organised charity expeditions – to join him and document a convoy by World Extreme Medicine & Medics4Ukraine delivering lifesaving aid to Ukraine.  PEROU jumped at the chance after becoming increasingly outraged by the news of the Russian invasion and relishing the opportunity to do something more than he was.

Here are a few snippets from the trip:

“We stopped 25km west of Kyiv to photograph some of the devastation in the Makaribs-kyi district. Where there was fierce fighting and the Ukrainians managed to fuck up and turn the Russians around.

Main image  – Artem aged 13 and Dennis aged 9 are playing on this blown out Russian tank, that 3 weeks ago was full of Russian soldiers on their way to take Kyiv.”

“Although I’m just there to document the moments, its inspiring and interesting to meet these people and hear what’s going on, first hand. I was outraged about the Russian invasion before I knew any Ukrainian people or had been to Ukraine. I feel so much more empathy for them now but it’s still hard to imagine the horror of this being your daily reality: I am just a visitor: I can go home: I have a home to go to.”

Read more of PEROU’s diary on World Extreme Medicine’s site here

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