Studio booking, food styling, prop styling, equipment and lighting hire, digi assistant booking, catering.

JSR Production and Food photographer Steve Ryan were commissioned by Pablo London to shoot the 2021 ‘Deliveroo Presents campaign  – A Year of Great Food.’ The team created a suite of assets for the multimedia campaign covering OOH, DOOH, Print, Social, Digital, CRM and PR

Client: Deliveroo

Agency : Pablo London

Production: JSR

Photographer: Steve Ryan

Food Stylist : Tanya Sadourian

Prop Stylist : Joseph Crone

Shoot days : 3 shoot days and cook up day

Studio : Street Studios

Shots : X12 Key visuals: Portrait and landscape (24 shots total)

Usage 1 year UK and Roi & global for 4 x stills OOH, DOOH, ALL PRINT, ALL SOCIAL, ALL DIGITAL, CRM, PR, Corporate comms, In-store media – posters, FSDU