Production Services


Creative treatments

We have years of working within the creative industry and creating treatments for brands including mood boards, creative presentations and story boards. We can provide creative concepts and treatments to bring your campaigns to life should you need creative input direct from us.

Talent booking

We can book all talent for the project from providing our own artists but also models, assistants, stylists, home economists, hair and makeup our little black book is full of the right contacts for the project.  We will liaise with them on schedules and calls backs.

Casting - models and street

All casting can be handled by our talent teams for you, be it professional male or female models, celebrities, influencers, hand and feet models, child models or even going out and street casting for non–professional models. Let us find the best models for your brand.

Location scouting and recces

We can oversee all location research, feasibility and bookings. Once the location is decided a shortlist will be complied and a recce scheduled. The team can attend recces to ensure all locations will be suitable and to pull together a project schedule once the recce is complete.

Fee negotiation for talent

Let us negotiate fees for talent depending on your budget – models, assistants, stylists, hair and makeup. As industry insiders JSR has the experience and clout to negotiate on your behalf.


Travel arrangements

All the travel for your team and all the crew can be handled by us. Air, rail, car and public transport anywhere in the world can be arranged for you. Just give us a budget, dietary requirements, any specific requests and we’ll do the rest. Itineraries, project schedules and call sheets will all be handled by us.

Equipment logistics

JSR will ensure that all equipment required such as cameras, digital processing, lighting, and rigs on set or location will be available on time from anywhere in the world. We have local and international equipment providers on speed dial should we need anything.

Budget management

All your project costings are managed in one place by us. From pre-planning, to shoot to post production everything can be handled by experienced budget planners and producers. This will ensure nothing is left out and expectations are met all the way along the production.

Location permits

We have the knowhow to arrange permits for shooting anywhere, even the most seemingly difficult. Public buildings, highways, public transport such as the tube or metro, and landmarks have all been shot in. We will sort all permits and fees prior to project kick off so that the schedule can be adhered to.

Shoot Insurance

Insurance including public liability for all aspects of the project which will fully cover the production from any injuries, theft or damage can be arranged for you. Rest assured the production will be in safe hands and everything is covered.


On-set producers

Our producers can attend throughout the length of the production, in your absence and therefore representing you, the client, or alongside you to ensure smooth running of the project. On set production means that we will be running the project, ensuring timescales are met and foreseeing any potential issues before they happen.

Studio hire

Should you need a studio, we can recommend and book tried and tested studios depending on our needs. Our list of studios include spaces in London, New York and Tokyo in fact we can source a studio anywhere should you need one. Our producers are regularly in touch with studios and researching new ones so our list is always up to date with the best with natural light, kitchens, highest ceilings and storage.

Equipment hire

Most productions will require additional equipment such as lighting, cameras, digital processing, recording equipment, weights and backgrounds for example, JSR will handle all the equipment needs and manage it as part of the production so you don’t have to.

Crew hire

However big the production it will always need a crew. We will book all the crew from contacts in the industry and only using tried and trusted people. Crew can include assistants, digital assistants, lighting assistants, runners, directors, director’s assistants, sound technicians, voiceover artists and camera operators, to name a few.

Catering for cast and crew

One of the most important aspects of any shoot is keeping the crew happy and well fed! We can cater for your production in a number of ways depending on budget. From organising on set catering facilities to provide hot food throughout the day, cold breakfasts, lunches and evening meals per person or organising per diems budgets for crew to buy their own.

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