Awesome mural work by Illustrator Iain Macarthur commissioned by Vauxhall and This is Energy for Vauxhall’s award winning Astra Electric. The murals can be seen in Shoreditch and Manchester.

“James Taylor, Managing Director, Vauxhall, said: “This mural celebrates not only the launch of the exciting Astra Electric, but also our Bold and Pure design language which draws from the best of British art and innovation. I look forward to seeing Iain’s work in person and thank him for being part of creating something the public can enjoy in London and Manchester.”

Iain said: “I wanted to show the energy of the Astra by making the patterns look like they are made of electricity – having them flow throughout the design in a way that is visually striking and aligned to Vauxhall’s bold and pure design language. It was a pleasure collaborating with Vauxhall, as they gave me creative freedom to express my vision of what clean energy would look like.”

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