PEROU takes viewers on a visual journey into the heart of the West Sussex countryside with his latest project, “Vinnie Jones in the Country.” The series chronicles the remarkable transition of actor and former footballer Vinnie Jones as he embarks on a monumental endeavor to manage 2,000 acres of rural land and undertake ambitious farmyard projects.

Shot on location amidst the lush landscapes of West Sussex, Perou’s lens captures the essence of Jones’s foray into countryside living, offering viewers a candid and intimate portrayal of his experiences. From moments of camaraderie among Jones’s team to the tranquil beauty of the countryside, Perou’s photography brings to life the multifaceted journey of Jones’s transformation.

Amidst a sea of bluebells, Vinnie Jones stands in wonder, listening to birdsong—a moment of unexpected depth. Through Perou’s lens, viewers witness Jones’s evolution from footballer to steward of the land, exploring masculinity, nature, and personal growth. “Vinnie Jones in the Country” promises a captivating exploration of his quest for connection and self-discovery, offering a visually stunning portrayal of his countryside odyssey on Discovery+.

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