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Photographer PEROU shoots portraits of some of the most iconic names in music, sports, fashion and Hollywood. Based in London, working worldwide, PEROU is a camera eye for hire, hustling a living out of being a photographer and director and also making the occasional TV show – he was judge and mentor on ‘Make Me a Supermodel’ and star of E4’s Dirty Sexy Things.  

He even followed Marilyn Manson on a world tour and directed the award winning rockumentary 'God is in the TV'.  He has said that he would like to think that there isn’t anyone that he wouldn’t photograph. If time wasn't an issue, he might actually get around to photographing 'everyone'! 

PEROU’s ambition has led him to photograph for some of the world's super-brands and celebrities, actors and musicians and has photographed advertising campaigns for the likes of Adidas, Pearl Drops, Benetton, Investec and Nair. 

He regularly gets commissioned to photograph portraits of fashion legends and editorial features for Vanity Fair, The Guardian, GQ, Dazed and Confused and Esquire.  In 2016 PEROU won the photography category run by Creativepool Annual for his personal project 'Coulrophobia' – a series of self-portrait photographs of clown faces by renowned make-up artists and MAC cosmetics.

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