Satoshi Minakawa

Sports photographer Satoshi Minakawa left Japan in  2005 to study for an MA in Photography at the London College of Fashion in London after having already built an excellent reputation as a photographer at home.

His style of fashion, sports, and concept photography plays with long exposure, movements, and colorful lighting. The visual complexity of his photography creates powerful multilayered images perfect for global campaigns.

He now splits his time between Tokyo and London and travels the world for advertising agencies and sports brands bringing his unique mix of strong lighting techniques, boundless energy, and conceptual thinking to each project.

Clients include Vogue Japan, Guinness, BT, Credit Suisse, Nike, Asics, Hilton Hotels, L’Oréal, Panasonic, Timberland, Audi, Skoda, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, and Nissan.