Tezay Kir

Born in Germany and now living in Berlin, typographer, muralist and graphic designer Tezay Kir studied Communication Design at the Berliner Technische Kunstschule.  A successful decade working as a graphic designer in advertising soon followed before a vocational leap of faith sent him in pursuit of his passion: typography.

The gamble paid off, Tezay now runs a full-time studio hosting workshops for companies and schools, licenses his own fonts and creates new identities for brands. He says:“I strongly believe in the power of visual aesthetics. We all possess a driving passion, and mine is crafting perfect shapes for everyone to appreciate. I thrive on challenges and enjoy collaborating with open-minded people.” Whether he’s hand chalking up a mural, building contemporary vector illustrations or creating a vintage sign, Tezay is an artist who understands the power of the written word. Under his craftsmanship letters quite literally come to life.Clients and partners include: Publicis, Staedtler, Typism Summit 2023, the Letter Museum Berlin (Buchstabenmuseum), Lettering in Deutschland , Die Botschaft, Brains , Freak 4U Gaming.