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Manuel Archain


Photographer Manuel Archain technically started his artistic career at the age of five when accompanying his mother, the artist Silvina Viaggio at her sculpture, drawing and painting studio. 

This led to the evolution of his individualistic photographic style. He has worked as a professional photographer for advertising and cinema since 2004 being commissioned by international clients such as: O2, Cardinal Draft Beer, Swisscom, Absolut, Sony Ericsson, Kraft, Universal Music, Convene Magazine NY, Credit Confidential, BA Insider Magazine. 

His personal photography projects are becoming internationally renowned and were in the Huffington Post as 'The strange world of Manuel Archain - the artist who photographs his dreams' and has been exhibited in Argentina, Columbia, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Switzerland, Miami, Lima, Puerto Rico and Chile. 

Manuel's work for Fundación Repro (a fertility charity)  won a Cannes Lions 2017 Silver

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